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Professional Pet Care Services
Meet & Greet


Let's Get to Know Each Other!

Meet SPSB owner Serena at your place of residence so that

we can discuss everything that our team should know about you, your home, and your special pet(s) so that we can provide the best quality of pet care possible(:​

30 mins



*Meet & Greets are required for all new clients requesting Pet Care Services*

*Meet & Greets are not a guarantee of service*


Schedule a Meet & Greet:

New Client Contact Form



Responsible & Reliable

Any breed, size, or age welcome! We always tailor our walks to the dog(s) we are walking to ensure that we will always have a wonderful time!

(Average: 30min = 1mi)

$25 for 30 Minutes

$35 for 1 Hour


$35 for 1hr Combo (30min Walk/30min Visit)

+ $5 / Additional Dog(s)


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Need someone to just check in on your furry friend while you are out of the house? Look no further - We provide a service to do just that!

(Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Fish, etc.)


(Potty Breaks, Feeding, Water Refill, Litter Box Cleaning, Administering Medication, Cuddles, Playtime)

$15 for 20 Minutes (Cats Only)

$20 for 30 Minutes 

$30 for 1 Hour

+ $5 / Additional Pet(s)



Professional Experience

Needing to leave a pet fully in someone's care? Whenever you are out and about for the whole day or on a trip, book us to come and hang out with your pet, look after them, and keep them company at your place of residence(:

(Potty Breaks, Short Walks, Feeding, Water Refill, Litter Box Cleaning, Administering Medication, Cuddles, Playtime)

Constant/Consecutive Hourly Care

$25/hr for +2hrs


+ $5 / Additional Pet(s)

Overnight Sitting

(Reserved for Current Ongoing Clients Only)

12hr Period (minimum)

(Typically 7pm-7am)

(Includes 2 Short Walks + 2 Feeds)





+ $10 / Second Pet

+ $5 / Additional Pet(s)

Come & Go Day Sitting

3 30min Visits

Morning, Midday/Afternoon, Evening

7am-12pm, 12pm-4pm, 4pm-7pm





+ $15 / Additional Pet(s)

*Need more care during the day? Add as many Visits or Walks as needed*



Safe & Efficient

Do you need your pet to be picked up or dropped off at a certain location such as daycare or boarding?

Does your pet need to go to the Vet?


We can safely provide this service with our vehicles that are decked out with beds, hammocks, and dog seat belts.

AC or Windows Down!

(1-6 Dog Capacity)

Pet Taxi - $20/Trip (5mi radius)

+$10 (+5mi radius)

Vet Visit - $40

(Pick-up, Drop-Off, Waiting, & Return)

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