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Our Values, Mission, & Vision

Sandy Paws is committed to providing the South Bay Beach Cities with the best quality of dog training and pet care services. Since 2018, we have become one of the South Bay's leading pet service companies, gaining the community's love, trust, and respect through our compassion, loyalty, integrity, and professionalism. We are dedicated to you and your pets, and aim to give peace of mind by ensuring that your pets are safe and exceptionally well cared for. We specialize in personalized and individualized care, treating each pet as if they were our own. We are adaptable and our services customizable, assessing and addressing each client's needs as we strive to make your experience with us as pawsitive as possible!


Come join us on our journey to "know all the paws" in the South Bay!

Values, Mission, Vision
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"I have known Serena for many years, first as the primary caretaker of her family pets then as a volunteer and part time employee of my veterinary practice. Serena is extremely responsible.....Even when volunteering, she has always been prompt and reliable. She has excellent animal handling skills and the ability to administer medications if needed. Most importantly, she truly loves pets and caring for pets."

Dr. Deborah Robertson
South Bay Mobile Vet


"Serena is wonderful! I am in the dog industry and have needed someone trustworthy and reliable to refer in home private training sessions to, and Serena is my go to. She cares genuinely for all the dogs she trains. She is also my go to for dog walking! The clients I have referred Serena to have all been more than happy!"

Cami B.
A Bark Idea


"Serena did an amazing job with Duke and my home while I was out of town. He is an old man and requires extra care. Serena handled this beautifully. Duke has an extensive medication regimen and even required a last minute (non-emergency) vet visit. Serena didn't bat an eye at any of this. Serena sent me frequent updates that included pictures and videos. Duke looked so happy and relaxed. My home looked like no-one had been here. I mean that in the best possible way. Everything was clean and tidy. I know with Serena taking care of Duke, I can relax while I am out of town."

Erin K.


"Look No Further! We have owned 6 dogs over the years but Peaches, our Standard Poodle was our first puppy. Feeling overwhelmed and underprepared, I researched numerous South Bay Area dog trainers and chose Serena! Game changer! Serena comes with extensive knowledge and education regarding dog training and animal behavior. Peaches learned basic manners, agility, self-control, and proper socialization skills! (Thank you Freddie! Serena's own incredibly trained Service Dog). Peaches is even now on her way to becoming a Certified Therapy Dog!"

Janet Z.


"This was my first time using a pet sitting service and I was very sceptical about someone else taking care of my cat and being in my house while I’m not there but I couldn’t recommend a better person. She came every day, twice a day, without any problems and kept the litter box cleaner than I do. I don’t have a single complaint and if I ever go out of town again I’m happy knowing Serena is around to look after my cat. Affordable, friendly, and great with animals! She deserves 6 stars but the app wouldn’t let me. Also I received anywhere from 10-20 photos twice a day!!"

Will N.


"Serena is my angel!! There is no one I would ever trust with our 2 dogs. We have a senior and a very active hunting dog. She meets both their needs for walks, pet sitting, and overall pet care. She is on time, reliable, and also found hot spots and fox tails that I missed. Our dogs LOVE to see Serena and her team. They are trusted and treasured parts of our family. Sandy Paws provides me with a great deal of peace knowing my animals are so loved and well cared for. I refer the company constantly and everyone I send to Serena says the same thing. - A plus service and care."

Tina S.


"Serena is a fabulous trainer. She did a great job training us and Violet our Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Violet was an over reactive barker and reacted to every noise, every barking dog, and the television. We were at our wits end. We can tell anyone who reads this that Violet not only is a certified Canine Good Citizen but also accepted at a hospital pet visitation program. We are so very proud of her but also forever grateful to Serena. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

Bill & Marti W.


"Serena is a super pro dog / puppy trainer. Her training technique focus is positive reinforcement. She clearly understands and puts into practice that each dog is an individual. With this in mind she implements a variety of training techniques and tools that pinpoint what your dog best responds to while always keeping the training focus positive. Myself and Poppy, my Wheaten Terrier have grown and learned so much from Serena. During the course of our training with Serena, Poppy has gained confidence and independence as well as the skills of manners, commands ie: sit, stay, lay, come, drop it. Poppy recently passed her AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Class - a proud accomplishment! I highly recommend Serena/Sandy Paws South Bay for your dog training."

Robin V.


"I would highly recommend working with Serena. She has tremendous knowledge and a wide range of training on behavioral issues. She helped me to understand why my pup Bentley was reacting on a leash and provided insight and tools to help both my pup and I to feel more confident and relaxed on our walks. Serena is very caring, professional and just wonderful to work with. Thank you Serena for your guidance and for sharing your gift."

Anne K.


Kristin B.

"Sandy Paws South Bay is your one stop shop for all your dog's needs! After not having a puppy for almost 17 years, Serena came to my rescue when I brought home my four month old chihuahua, Millie. We began with private in-home training sessions. In addition to teaching some basic commands (sit, down, come, stay, place, etc.), she also helped me think through how to set up my house to reinforce positive behaviors. She provided honest feedback on how to set up appropriate boundaries, which in turn, helped me get more sleep at night! She shared resources such as training treats, interactive toys, grooming tools, and recovery items after her spay. Next we participated in the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Class. This was a great next step for Millie to reinforce what she had been learning in the private sessions. The group training sessions allowed Millie to start socializing with other dogs in a safe environment. Lastly, I have used Serena's team on multiple occasions for house visits and overnight stays in my home. Having someone I trust and can also reinforce the training that I am working on is priceless! If I haven't convinced you yet that Sandy Paws South Bay is the way to go, be sure to check out the video of Serena's own dog, Freddie, on her website."

(References Available Upon Request)
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